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Thermal Management

Our heat protection products are not solely limited to tubular forms for cables and pipes alone; they can also be produced in custom shapes with different closure methods. The Zippertubing® Company offers a wide range of thermal management solutions that can be fully customized to suit your specific needs.

Heat Reflective Sleeving and Jacketing

Insuflect Composite Heat Shielding

Extend the survivability of sensitive components in a world of ever increasing temperatures. Zippertubing® is a leading manufacturer of thermal protection sleeves and jackets that provide a heat barrier designed to protect wiring, hoses, pipes or a variety of other components from radiant heat sources. We have the ability to produce custom shapes using a variety of heat reflective materials.

Aluminized Fiberglass with Fiber Mat and Woven Silica Cloth Inner Jackets, Up to 650°C

A Thin, Highly Flexible Thermal Heat Barrier Pull-Through Jacket Sewn with a Stainless Steel Reinforced Kevlar Thread.

A strong, high-temperature, fire-retardant, thermal-barrier pull-through sleeve to protect wires or cables that are exposed to extremely high temperatures.

A Lightweight, Aluminized-Fiberglass, Heat-Barrier with a Brass Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Overlap Flap

A Flexible, Rugged, Lightweight, Aluminum-Silicon-Coated Fiberglass Cable-Management Solution with a Snap Closure

Single Unit From



A thin, highly flexible, lightweight, high-temperature, thermal-barrier pull-through sleeve to protect wires or cables that are exposed to extreme temperatures.

Engineered for Interconnect Components That Need a Lightweight Heat Reflective Material, with Snap Closure

A fire-retardant solution with an aramid Velcro® closure and silicone-coated fiberglass jacket that protects from heat-related issues such as melting wires.

A Custom Engineered Solution Proven to be one of the Most Protective Thermal-and EMI-shielded Jackets Available

A Medium Weight, Ballistic Grade Woven Kevlar Fabric, Cable Management Solution with a Brass Zipper Closure

A heavy duty, 360° thermal protective heat-barrier, pull-through tubing jacket

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