From automotive to medical, Zippertubing® offers custom engineered solutions for every type of industry. Whether the need is for extremely high-temperature shielding to protect wires from heat or bundling cables from rugged environmental conditions, Zippertubing® will create the perfect custom solution for any industry’s unique application requirements.

No matter the industry, Zippertubing® will invent a solution for you. Since 1957, we have been the industry leader in custom component protection, bundling and shielding. With the wide array of materials we have on hand, or available quickly from our suppliers, we can create a prototype to fit any industry’s stringent requirements.

From the automotive industry, which demands high-temperature protection from exposure, to the military, which specifies MIL-SPEC and strict material testing and certification requirements, we can create a solution for any unique application. Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers can be assured that we always exceed the highest quality and standards.

Zippertubing® will produce a solution for any industry. Whether you need a product that is military-grade, RoHS compliant, UL-rated or all the above, we are constantly expanding our offerings and continually engineering solutions for all sorts of problems, including those that have yet to be discovered. Zippertubing® is your component protection, shielding, and bundling manufacturer.