Zip-Shield® (PFR)

A highly flexible, wraparound PFR jacket with a sewn-in EMI shielding cloth that features a pressure track closure.

Drawing Number(s): ZT97-17-170, ZT15-17-005

Zip-Shield® (PFR)
RoHS Military Grade

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Zip-Shield® (PFR)
  • PFR jacketing is 18 Mil in thickness, offering resistance to abrasion and most fluids
  • Pressure track closure system for a secure seal
  • EMI shielding cloth is lightweight and corrosion resistant

 Zip-Shield® (PFR) is an EMI shielding solution consisting of a wraparound PFR jacket with a sewn-in shielding cloth and a pressure track. The highly flexible PFR-18 material is flame retardant and military grade as well as resistant to abrasion and most fluids. The jacketing is also non-PVC, which makes it good choice for many nuclear, aerospace and military applications where PVC materials are not permitted. The 3250 EMI shielding cloth offers protection from EMI, RFI, and EMF, so you can be confident that your components will not be compromised by these damaging interferences.

Zip-Shield® (PFR) is typically paired with the R-Track or the Z-Track. These pressure track systems are easy to seal and offer a long-lasting closure. If re-entry is required, you can easily break out components. The R-Track is a light-duty pressure track closure and is similar to a zip-lock closure. The R-Track can be sealed manually with a thumb or with an SLR slider tool. The Z-Track is a medium-duty pressure track closure with an arrowhead and channel interlock system, and it is the most versatile pressure track option. The Z-Track can be sealed with our ZTZ-SP plier tool. Zippertubing® can also manufacture Zip-Shield® (PFR) with our other pressure track closures upon request.



Overall Performance

  • Diameter: 0.375" (3/8)
  • Closure: Z-Track (PFR)
  • Material: PFR-18
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 194°F
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -36°F
  • RoHS: RoHS-10
  • Shielding: Z-3250
  • Shielding Material: Nickel Plated Copper


  • Mil-Spec: Mil-C-27072; Mil-C-13777; Mil-I-3930/21
  • Copper Corrosion: Mil-C-27072 & 13777
  • Dielectric Constant: 5.0 - 6.0
  • Dielectric Strength: 900 volts/mil
  • Elongation: 650%
  • Flame Retardant: UL 94 V-0
  • Fungus Resistance: Mil-Std-810, Method 508.3
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 0.018"
  • Material: Polyurethane Film
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 225°F
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -67°F
  • RoHS: RoHS-10
  • Shelf Life: 60 Months
  • Tensile Strength: 4,000 psi.
  • Ozone Resistance: No Cracks

Z-Track (PFR)

  • Closure: Pressure Track
  • Elongation: 340%
  • Bundle Size: 0.375" - 4.0"
  • Height: Low
  • Thickness: 0.018"
  • Material: Poly(ether) urethane (PFR)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 224°F
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -32°F
  • RoHS: RoHS-10
  • Shelf Life: 60 Months
  • Tensile Strength: 15 lbf/inch (closure)
  • Length: Up to 200 feet continuous


  • Base Fabric: Polyester Taffeta Fabric
  • Surface Resistivity: <0.1 ohms/sq
  • REACH: Compliant
  • Elongation: 27%
  • Material: Cloth
  • Thickness: 0.004"
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250°F
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°F
  • RoHS: RoHS-10
  • Shelf Life: 60 Months
  • Shielding: Z-3250
  • Tensile Strength: 74-79 lbs/in


  • Ratings: Commercial
  • Coating: Copper Plated
  • Break Strength: 25 x 50 lbs/in
  • REACH: Compliant
  • Chemical Resistance: Good
  • Dielectric Volts/Mil: Conductive <0.1 ohm/sq
  • Material: Cloth
  • Thickness: 0.005"
  • Material: Copper-Plated Nylon Rip-Stop
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 302°F
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°F
  • RoHS: RoHS-10
  • Shelf Life: 60 Months
  • Shielding: Z-7200

Nylon Thread

  • Mil-Spec: VT-295, Type II, Class A
  • REACH: Compliant
  • Closure: Sewn
  • Elongation: 26% max
  • Flame Retardant: Flame retardant, melts
  • Material: Nylon Thread
  • Material: Bonded, twisted Polyamide filaments
  • RoHS: RoHS-10
  • Tensile Strength: 11.8 lbs min.
Specifications subject to change without notice. All statements and technical information contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed under all circumstances. Before using Zippertubing® products, the user shall determine suitability for the intended use, and user assumes all responsibility for improper selection. Published attenuation values of Zippertubing® shielding have been verified by laboratory testing of the respective shielding materials. Actual installed attenuation values may differ due to installation techniques and final assembly operation parameters which are beyond the control of Zippertubing®. Actual attenuation values can only be determined by the end user testing the completed assembly. U.S. and International Patents and patents pending. © The Zippertubing® Company, Chandler, Arizona.

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