Comparing Zippertubing's Four Different Interlocking Track Options

When it comes to cable management solutions, Zippertubing offers a range of interlocking track options designed to meet various needs and applications. Each interlocking track has its unique characteristics and advantages. In this article, we will compare the four different interlocking track options provided by Zippertubing: Z-Track, R-Track, D-Track, and EZ-Track.


Z-Track Closure
R-Track Closure 


Z-Track is a robust and flexible interlocking track option. Its strength and durability make it suitable for demanding applications. The Z-Track design ensures a secure closure, keeping cables protected and organized. With its excellent flexibility, Z-Track can easily accommodate bends and curves, making it ideal for applications that require cable routing in tight spaces. It offers a strong hold while allowing for easy access and adjustments when needed.


R-Track is a lighter-duty interlocking track that provides flexibility and ease of installation. It offers a reliable closure for cable bundling while maintaining a lightweight profile. Its flexibility allows for easy installation around cables and components, making it a versatile choice for various cable management needs.

D-Track Closure

EZ-Track Closure


D-Track is designed specifically for managing larger cable bundles. With its wider profile, D-Track offers increased capacity for accommodating multiple cables or larger diameter bundles. D-Track is an excellent choice for applications that involve extensive cable bundling, such as data centers or industrial environments.


EZ-Track stands out for its simplicity and strength. It offers a strong and reliable closure mechanism, ensuring cables remain secure and protected. EZ-Track's straightforward design makes it easy to install and remove, saving time and effort during cable management tasks. It is a popular choice for applications where efficiency and reliability are paramount, such as equipment manufacturing or telecommunications.


When selecting the appropriate interlocking track option from Zippertubing, consider factors such as the strength required for your application, flexibility needs, ease of installation, and the size of the cable bundle. Each interlocking track option offers distinct benefits that cater to specific requirements. Consulting with Zippertubing's technical design team can help you determine the best interlocking track option for your specific needs and ensure a successful cable management solution.

In conclusion, Zippertubing's interlocking track options provide reliable and efficient cable management solutions. Whether you require strength, flexibility, ease of installation, or the ability to handle larger cable bundles, Z-Track, R-Track, D-Track, and EZ-Track offer a range of choices to meet your unique requirements. By understanding the advantages of each interlocking track option, you can make an informed decision and achieve optimal cable management results.

Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer

Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer