Nuclear energy, power, and utilities are industries that value and require the highest quality management systems in place for any products they use in the field. These industries provide service to a wide number of individuals, so to experience loss of power should be avoidable at all costs. The products utilized within these industries must also offer longevity of use. Zippertubing® offers high quality of products by mainting IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards to all of the products we manufacture.

These industries offer many different types of power-generating stations, substations, and distribution networks. All of these systems have large quantities of wires and cables that range in voltage and power consumption. Therefore, if repairs or retrofits are required, and if equipment must stay in operation, engineering a solution that achieves both needs are necessary. Zippertubing® offers a wide range of product lines that provide in-field, wrap-around protection, bundling, shielding, as well as products that can prevent and repair from damage occurring.

Zippertubing® designs products that protect and shield components from damaging exposure, such as natural elements and EMI, as well as to last through extremely hot or cold environments.

With Zippertubing® solutions, you can provide reliable, uninterrupted power and utilities to your customers.

Depending on how power generates, the systems used to conduct power can elevate to very high temperatures or be exposed to harsh chemicals. Using Zippertubing® products ensures protection from the conditions faced in the nuclear energy, power, and utility industries.

Nuclear Energy, Power & Utility Products

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Nuclear Energy, Power, and Utility industries?

  • Mesh EMI shielding for metal cable trays for nuclear energy facilities
  • Cable protection from rats, squirrels, and other rodents
  • Additional EMI shielding for metering boxes
  • Removable cable bundling, with or without drainage holes
  • Insulating dielectric jacketing and wraps to protect high-voltage wires or bus bars
  • High-temperature bundling that is re-enterable
  • UL recognized flexible conduit for routing and protecting cables