As robots integrate more into manufacturing processes, having the proper shielding, protection, and bundling is important for efficient operations. EMI shielding is becoming a necessity due to the various overlapping components that send and receive data from these machines. Ensuring there is no electronic interference between wires or cables is crucial in order to avoid serious complications. In addition to electrical interference, more robots are being utilized in environments that are exposed to high temperatures and weld spatter. Protecting the robot arms and components from these harsh conditions is as important as shielding from EMI/RFI.

Zippertubing® is a manufacturer of custom robotic cable protection and EMI shielding. With utilizing robots in our own manufacturing facility, we understand the importance of keeping the many wires and cables bundled while still allowing for frequent flexing and motion. We specialize in EMI shielding with offering solutions ranging from wrap-around jackets to lightweight sleeves. Additionally, we customize sleeves and wraps to protect from weld spatter, extremely high temperatures, and abrasion.



Sending and receiving large amounts of data with unshielded channels can compromise other robots, machines, or even computers and prevent them from functioning correctly.

Zippertubing® manufactures custom solutions for every type of robotic component challenge.

Proper cable management and EMI/RFI shielding needs to be considered when adding these robots into your processes. Zippertubing® engineers common and custom solutions specifically for the robotics industry. No matter the environment or specification requirements, we will work with you to manufacture the perfect product.

Robotics products

Robotics industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Robotics industry?

  • Innovative cable management for protection and organization of cables, wires, and hoses
  • Thin, standard, and thick-walled wrap-around heat shrink for in-service repairs
  • Protection from sparks, high temperatures, and molten weld splatter
  • EMI protection from high-voltage equipment power lines
  • Removable and reconfigurable cable management that can be adjusted as needed
  • Custom-engineered equipment covers
  • Shielding and protection for cables in high-flexing applications in constant motion
  • Secondary protection for semiconductor processing equipment
  • Products available that can be used in cleanrooms and specialty product lines