In an industry that utilizes large machinery, having products that are long lasting and trustworthy is key. With many components, such as fluid lines and electrical cables, carrying a significant amount of responsibility within these large trucks, buses, semis, and tractors, using Zippertubing® products can ensure operations run smoothly and safely. With our experience designing, manufacturing, and selling directly to automotive OEMs, lower-tier suppliers, and fleet management companies, we understand the needs of this industry.

Zippertubing® has engineered and manufactured many cable bundling, heat and EMI shielding solutions for the interior of large vehicles, as well as harnesses for protecting wires or cables along the chassis. Zippertubing® products help make cable management, EMI shielding, heat shielding, environmental protection, maintenance and repairs cost less and improve time efficiencies. Zippertubing® is ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 certified, allowing us to provide top-quality custom solutions to our customers.

Large Trucks, Buses, Semis & Tractors

Zippertubing® products are built with the highest quality materials to last in the most rugged conditions that these large vehicles endure.

Large machinery demands intricate, dependable solutions.

Since 1957, Zippertubing® has been supplying custom solutions to the large trucks, buses, semis, and tractors industry. From general maintenance and prevention to unique component challenges, we will work with you to prototype and manufacture a solution fit for your application needs.

Large Trucks, Buses, Semis & Tractors products

Large Trucks, Buses, Semis and Tractors industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Large Trucks, Buses, Semis and Tractors industry?

  • High-temperature shielding covers for oil lines in engine compartments
  • Chassis-mounted cable bundling for cables running the length of the chassis
  • EMI shield wraps for in-dash electronics installed as an OE or an aftermarket upgrade
  • Wire routing and bundling for door panel and power seat controls
  • Tractor wire harness repairs with water-blocking adhesive for environmentally sealed repairs
  • Wheel well connector covers and breakout protection
  • High-temperature exhaust wraps