Industrial plants house large, heavy-duty equipment and machinery. Maintaining an organized facility is important in upholding a safe environment for workers. Many industrial and commercial plants face messes of wires and cables, running from one machine to another. Properly protecting and bundling these components is what Zippertubing® does best.

With a wide range of products and materials, we can manufacture a cable bundling solution for the most rugged of conditions. Whether wires are constantly exposed to high temperatures, or are in high traffic areas and need protection, we will engineer a solution based on the application requirements. With our wide range of materials, we have the capability to customize a product that fits right into the conditions and environment.

Industrial & Commercial

Zippertubing® solves common and unique component challenges faced in the industrial and commercial industry. No matter the size, shape, temperature or protection needed, we will prototype and manufacture your perfect solution.

Protect and bundle industrial-sized components without industrial-sized costs.

Zippertubing® has been manufacturing American-made EMI shielding, cable bundling, heat shielding, and specialty heat shrink products since 1957. Our solutions have been utilized in the industrial and commercial industry for decades due to our tested and trusted line of products.

Industrial & commercial Products

Industrial and Commercial industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Industrial and Commercial industry?

  • Highly visible colored jacketing for shop floor wiring
  • Cable tray EMI shielding
  • Clear, wrap-around, heat shrink label covers for wires or cables for virtually any size
  • Jacketing materials that are resistant to oils, solvents, and other harsh chemicals
  • Bulk material spools that can be installed on systems in place in the factory without having to disconnect or take machines out of service
  • Closure and sizing options to allow for reconfigurable breakouts and routing