The sustainable energy industry has grown exponentially over the years due to the increased interest in renewable power. Sustainable energy can be produced from multitude of natural elements including wind, solar, geothermal, bioenergy, tidal, and hydroelectricity. These alternative ways to generate power demands precise and strong products that can outlast strenuous environmental conditions. The sustainable energy industry requires safe yet durable materials and products in place for efficient processes.


The sustainable energy industry’s foundation is the positive impact it has on the environment, so to use products that are made of harmful materials such as PVC is not an option. Zippertubing® has many product lines and materials that are PVC-free and halogen-free while still offering superior bundling, shielding, and protection.


Whether your application is new or existing, Zippertubing® offers indoor and outdoor, high to low voltage, wrap-around or pull-through cable management, EMI shielding, and heat shielding protection from many different natural elements.

Solutions that complement the sustainable efforts of renewable energy.

The machines and equipment in the sustainable energy industry experience harsh environmental conditions. From high winds to exposure to fluids and rodents, proper protection and shielding is desired. Zippertubing® offers a wide range of products that solve many unique challenges the renewable energy industry’s components face.


Sustainable Energy Products

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Sustainable Energy industry?

  • Additional shielding for high power transmission lines
  • EMI shielding for instrumentation and sensor wiring that is adjacent to generators, motors, and power lines carrying high voltage or high current
  • Cable bundling that can handle harsh environments with high wind, moisture, or UV exposure
  • Water blocking adhesives and waterproof solutions for applications near water or underwater
  • Highly flexible cable bundling and shielding for applications in motion or experiencing high levels of vibration
  • Cable repair and protection for photovoltaic system wiring
  • High-temperature bundling and protection for components supporting thermal solar generators
  • Battery terminal and wire protection for electricity storage systems