The warehousing and distribution facilities industry is growing with e-commerce companies expanding their capabilities with industrious fulfillment centers. In environments exposed to debris, abrasion, or rodents, long-lasting and durable solutions are required. Zippertubing® has cable bundling and protection solutions engineered for these types of rugged conditions.

With materials that can outlast heat, EMI, and abrasion, we manufacture products that solve a wide range of component challenges. Whether the challenge is protecting wires on a crane from constant flexing and abrasion, or bundling cables to eliminate tripping hazards in high-volume walkways, Zippertubing® will customize a solution for your exact warehousing requirements.

Warehousing & Distribution Facilities

With so many moving parts in warehouses and fulfillment facilities, the possibility of component damage is high. Zippertubing® products offer long-lasting, durable repair and protection of crucial wires or cables.

Protect and repair on the job with no disassembly, and save time and money with a Zippertubing® solution.

Warehouses and fulfillment facilities require products that are quick to apply and guarantee lasting protection. The Zippertubing® line of products offer unlimited solutions that do not require tools for installation, and can provide protection in the harshest of environments.

Warehousing & Distribution Facilities

Warehousing and Facilities industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Warehousing and Facilities industry?

  • Military-grade protection for abrasion-prone environments
  • Wrap-around heat shrink for long-lasting, durable repair
  • Rodent repelling, wrap-around solutions for protection against chewing through
  • Wide range of material that is heat shielding, EMI shielding, and have many resistant properties
  • Assortment of closures that can be easily accessible and securely sealed
  • Bulk ordering to fulfill a warehouse full of wires and cables
  • International shipping to warehouses and facilities all around the globe