In food and chemical processing facilities, extremely low and high temperatures exist. Having products that can handle these ranges is crucial. In addition, in many production facilities, once the lines are running, it is necessary to keep them going and limit their downtime. When processing large batches or complicated mixtures, it can be costly to stop and start.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for some of the oversight of the food and chemical companies, requiring them to comply with any regulations applicable. Zippertubing® has extensive experience and a wide assortment of materials that will comply with these regulations. Whether your application or environment requires halogen free, high temperature, UL-rated, or RoHS compliance, we can engineer a solution specific to the specifications.

Food & Chemical

Zippertubing® manufactures products that can repair damaged components that are in sensors, switches, and relays to ensure longevity of these wires or cables and a smooth operation going forward.

The most stringent conditions, met with the most suitable solutions.

For precise processing of food and chemicals, all of the components inside a facility must be controlled. Zippertubing® manufactures solutions with materials built for these types of demanding facilities.

food & chemical products

Food and Chemical industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Food and Chemical industry?

  • Secondary protective covering to catch potential debris or contaminants
  • Smooth, easy to clean cable bundling for plants with high particulate counts or where splattering or spillover occurs
  • Easily installed and effective EMI shielding for critical components
  • Wrap-around abrasion protection for high wear areas of cables, hoses, rails, or other parts
  • Pipe or hose protection that can work in high- and low-temperature extremes
  • Non-metallic polymer protective covers that will not corrode like metals
  • High-temperature thermal protective covers and wraps that can remain flexible