Reliable, long-lasting solutions for in the clouds and beyond.

The aerospace industry is constantly developing new and improved ways to make the industry safe and more reliable. These advancements can bring on unexpected challenges within the process. Zippertubing® has been solving these unique aerospace wire and cable challenges for decades. From aircrafts to space crafts, we have engineered for unique, one-of-a-kind to the largest and smallest components.

Our product lines meet requirements for the most demanding of environments. From flame resistance to minimal outgassing and more, Zippertubing® products work seamlessly into applications that have specific restrictions and specifications to meet. From our wrap around EMI shielding heat shrink to our 360-degree bundling sleeves, we have a product that will fit perfectly for your aerospace application.

Zippertubing’s variety of durable, flexible, lightweight materials provides reliable and high quality solutions for the aerospace industry.


The aerospace industry demands trustworthy solutions and Zippertubing® is a company you can trust to manufacture dependable products.

Zippertubing® continues to offer solutions utilized by the aerospace industry for decades. The assortment of materials and products we manufacture specific to the aerospace industry is limitless.

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Aerospace industry?

  • Heat shielding for ground support equipment
  • EMI shielding for launch tower umbilical cables
  • EMI shielding tape for RF protection
  • Cable repair per Navair 01-1A-505-1 (505)
  • Environmentally-sealed cable repairs with and without EMI shielding integration
  • Missile canard retention sleeves
  • Custom EMI shields and antenna covers for test equipment
  • Cable bundling and abrasion protection for antenna test ranges
  • Lightweight and flexible EMI shields for aircraft, UAVs, and satellites