The marine industry depends on trusted products. When on a ship at sea or underwater in a submarine, using products that are tested and trusted is crucial. Marine environments have some of the harshest conditions that components, wires and cables endure. Fresh water, seawater, salt air, abrasive sand, and numerous microorganisms are some of the few elements that components must withstand. Zippertubing® offers a range of protective solutions that will handle these tough environments.

Zippertubing® has experience in manufacturing products that have solved common and unique component challenges the marine industry faces. From wrap-around, military-grade heat shrink to water-blocking, hot-melt adhesive, we have a solution that can prevent or repair damage. Our Engineers will work with you to customize the perfect product based on your specific marine application requirements. When at sea, or under the sea, you can rest assured that Zippertubing® will manufacture the perfect solution.


Reduce drag, strumming, and vibration that occur under water with Zippertubing’s marine moored and towed cable fairings and protection.

Water-blocking, EMI shielding, heat shielding, and cable bundling all built for the marine industry.

Zippertubing® has been solving component challenges since 1957. No matter the size, shape, or environment, we customize solutions based on your application needs.

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Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Marine industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Marine industry?

  • Marine fairings to reduce drag, vibration, and strumming on underwater cables and equipment
  • Undersea cable jacketing for protection and for locating using ROVs or divers
  • Water-blocking adhesive used in wrap-around heat shrink products or as a standalone waterproofing solution
  • Customized drain hole additions on most products to allow for easier submersion and retrieval of underwater systems
  • Cable and hose management for docks and piers to improve safety and aesthetics
  • EMI shielding for supplemental electronics systems like GPS, radar, sonar, fish finders, satellite and radio antennas
  • Stainless-steel and non-metallic material choices for extreme longevity and corrosion resistance