Electronics and computer systems are integrated into our everyday lives than ever before. As a society, we are heavily reliant on these technologies and their ability to provide us certain efficiencies. Due to our growing reliance, it is necessary to use reliable materials within electronics and computers. Zippertubing® manufactures products that solve the intricate and specialized component challenges faced by the electronics and computer industry.

In the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) sets requirements for commercial devices to pass radiation emission testing. In Europe and other countries, a CE marking is obtained by passing certain electronics tests. Zippertubing® engineers EMI shielding and cable/wire protection solutions that can meet these specifications, such as being RoHS compliant, UL-rated, and MIL-SPEC.

Electronics & Computer

Electronics and computer components are becoming increasingly smaller and thinner. Zippertubing® manufactures solutions for the smallest and largest of diameters, while still providing superior EMI shielding and cable bundling.

electronic & computer products

No matter how specialized or intricate, Zippertubing® can customize a solution for any electronics or computer component challenge.

From our wrap-around heat shrink products to our high performing EMI shielding solutions, we have solved common to niche, unique component challenges.


Electronics & Computers industry

How are Zippertubing® products and services utilized in the Electronics & Computers industry?

  • Shielding for ribbon cables in rack-mounted computers and power supplies
  • Isolated shield pouch for circuit board assembly
  • Clear protective label covers for cabling or wire harnesses
  • Cable protective wraps that are ready to install without tools required
  • EMI shields with drain wire extensions and connection hardware
  • Cable bundling for server rooms or data center equipment racks
  • Fiber optic and network cable routing and installation sleeves