Zipper-Mesh (PFR)


A commercial television studio experienced recording equipment EMI interference emanating from their mobile equipment rack umbilical cables. The requirements specified EMI hardening of the cables to eliminate the noise, not reducing the overall cable flexibility and providing high-cycle flex life. Furthermore, the solution had to be rugged enough to survive repeated snagging, kicking and stepping on. The jacket also had to be easily installed and removed for repeated system tear-down and stowing.


One of Zippertubing’s classic standard EMI designs provided excellent EMI shielding performance, the desired flexibility and ruggedness demanded by the installation environment. The simple zip-on, zip-off nature of the jacket made it ideal for system disassembly and reassembly.


The customer benefited from Zippertubing's past experience and resulting extensive product line offerings. A part originally developed for festoon cables following cranes across the ceilings of assembly buildings was a perfect match for their television studio application. Past experience and current design led to a very short turnaround time and a very happy customer.

Zipper-Mesh EMI Shielding Cable Bundling
Zipper-Mesh Studio EMI Shielding 


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Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer

Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer