Shield & Jacketing of Aircraft FLIR Harness


A small-diameter wire harness located in a helicopter’s pivoting FLIR ball turret required EMI hardening and insulation while maintaining harness flexibility. The solution required the materials to be very thin, lightweight and aviation approved. The harness was a closed-loop design in several areas requiring the materials to be of a wrap-around design.


A mixed combination of several standard Zippertubing products located in key areas solved all the vehicle’s performance requirements and allowed the harness to perform as originally specified by the manufacturer.

EMI Shielding for Apache FLIR Turret


The combination of high-quality materials and years of military aircraft harnessing experience combined with precise application knowledge allowed Zippertubing to provide the customer with an easy solution to a very complex design problem. Zippertubing’s ability to provide the customer with an operational prototype, all necessary materials, detailed process instructions and visual aids allowed the customer to solve the problem in a very short time-frame.

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Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer