EMI Shielded "T"'s


An aerospace subcontractor needed to add additional EMI shielding to existing wire bundles installed in Military aircraft. In addition to the straight cable runs, numerous “T” breakouts existed that required shielding. The end customer required a common shielding material that was easy to install on-site for all system sections that could be easily reentered as necessary.


Zippertubing modified its standard Mil/Aero-approved jacket and shield materials to incorporate a small, flexible, zipper closure. This closure allowed the creation of various sizes of wrap-around shielded “T”s to work in conjunction with their standard zippered EMI shielded solutions.


Zippertubing’s vast experience with EMI shielding, aerospace material specifications, and ability to create new custom shapes and sizes offered “one-stop shopping” for this customer which enabled them to meet their delivery dates to the government.


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Custom EMI Shielded "T"
Wire Harness EMI Shielded "T"
EMI Shielded "T" with Zipper Closure


Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer

Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer