Custom Thermal Protection for Fire Engines


A company that manufactures fire trucks was having issues with a wire harness melting due to extreme heat.  For this new model of truck, the wiring and exhaust were routed closer to each other than in previous vehicles.  The existing thermal protection was not sufficient and too much heat was reaching the cables and causing damage. 


This company needed additional thermal protection that could reduce the intense heat coming off the engine and prevent it from affecting their cabling.  The thermal protection needed to be thin, flexible, durable, and easy to install in the existing compartment, which had limited space. 



Custom Thermal Protection for Fire Engines


Custom ALHTG-65 with Grommets

Zippertubing provided a custom thermal cover made from their ALHTG-65 aluminized fiberglass material, known for its durability and resistance to extremely high temperatures.  This material was formed into the exact shape needed to wrap around the wiring harness and fit into the eåxisting vehicle structure.  The grommets were fitted in specific locations to allow operators to quickly and easily install these pieces, without additional tooling or fabrication steps to slow them down. 


This company reported that the wiring harness is holding up well with the addition of the Zippertubing heat shield, even in the extreme high temperatures and demanding environments these trucks are subjected to.  They anticipate these parts will be included on all engines they produce, especially as space becomes more and more limited for cabling in these newer vehicles. 

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Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer