Extreme High Temperature Component Protection


During an inspection, a power generating facility, determined they needed additional protection for certain critical infrastructure components.  In the event of a fire, these critical systems needed to remain operational long enough to ensure the safety of their personnel and the proper shutdown of equipment. 


This company needed insulating covers and wraps for these critical safety systems and the wiring conduit running to them.  These custom covers needed to be able to withstand extremely high temperatures that could occur during a fire.  They also needed to be robust enough to insulate the systems to ensure functionality for as long as possible during a catastrophic event. 


    Custom High Temperature Insulating Covers

    Zippertubing designed and manufactured custom fitting, high temperature, insulating covers to protect these critical components.  By utilizing some of their highest temperature and most robust materials, Zippertubing was able to produce insulating covers and wraps that could withstand 1000°C temperatures and still protect this customer’s systems.  Additionally, these covers were made in such a manner that they could be installed by wrapping them around the conduit and control boxes being protected without needing to disconnect or interrupt service to any equipment. 


    The utility company was very pleased with the high performance covers they received, even though they hope to never need them.  They also reported that the installation was extremely easy and they appreciated the fact it could be done without scheduling any down time or interrupting service. 

    Extreme High Temperature Component Protection

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