Heavy Duty Cable Management System Now Available

Chandler, AZ - The Zippertubing® Co. is proud to announce the addition of D-Track-LT® to its product line. D-Track-LT® was developed in Europe for the Truck and Bus industry to provide a cable management system made from flexible PVC. This unique, wrap-around jacketing system for wire and cable management has several advantages over split convoluted tubing. Manufactured from a flexible PVC compound, there are no sharp edges to damage wires during the cable assembly process. The patented external closure system allows for much higher cable fill rates.

The wrap-around or side-entry allows for modular cable design reducing the total installed cost (TIC) and the D-Track-LT® closure method insures that cables are not exposed to outside contaminates, reducing total operating costs (TOC). This product is currently being used on trucks and busses manufactured by Daimler/Chrysler, DAF, Freightliner, Kenworth and PACCAR.

For more information, contact The Zippertubing®  Co. at 7150 W. Erie St., Chandler, AZ, 85226. Phone (480) 285-3990, Fax (480) 285-3997, online at zippertubing.com, or contact you local Zippertubing® Distributor.