EMI Shielding Delivery System

The Easiest EMI Shielding Delivery System Available

Shrink-N-Shield® EMI Shielded Heat Shrink Tubing

Chandler, AZ.- Since 1957, The Zippertubing® Co. has been specializing in side-entry or wrap-around protection from EMI/RFI interference. Because of the side-entry capability of Zippertubing®, additional protection from external EMI/RFI noise can easily be added to existing designs. Many EMI shielding products are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, each with a unique application. Solutions are offered for frequencies from 60 Hz to 20 GHz. Products include “Zipper-Mesh®”, a high-performance, low-frequency, wrap-around EMI/EMP shielding product that is constructed of a 4-ply knitted tin-copper-iron (SnCuFe) wire.

This highly flexible, very durable mesh provides outstanding low frequency EMI protection. “Z-Shield-AL”, a high-performance wrap-around, flame-retardant Polyurethane jacket and Aluminum foil shielding product combines the proven technologies of Al foil and a high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive closure method. This product is economical, very flexible, and lightweight with excellent shielding characteristics for high frequency shielding applications. “Shrink-N-Shield®” is a combination of two different technologies, the outer jacketing consists of a flame-retardant polyolefin shrink tubing which is lined with “Z-3250-CN”, metallized fabric shield. The result is a quick and easy means of adding protection to wire bundles from 1/16” to 7/8” OD. “Shrink-N-Shield®” is ideal for use where shielding must be flexible and must conform to tight tolerances.

Available in diameters from 3/16” to 1”, “Shrink-N-Shield®” is easy to slide on and shrink to a tight, protective fit with a standard industrial heat gun.

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