Lightweight Shielding Options

Light weight shielding options are often sought after within the aerospace and aviation industries as added weight can pose major issues. Zippertubing specializes in manufacturing these lightweight shielding options custom to your application. These options can enable the integration of advanced technologies while managing weight constraints and help to mitigate potential performance issues. This article will analyze the properties and characteristics of common lightweight shielding options.

The table below displays the common lightweight options along with their corresponding size, length, and weight.

Lightweight Shielding Options comparison table


Flex-ShieldLightweight Shielding Options_Flex-Shield

Flex-Shield™ (HP) is a high-flexing, EMI-shielding sleeve. It is made of two-ply twisted meta-aramid (Nomex) threads that have tin-plated copper foil strips helically wound around each thread, then braided together to create the expandable tubular sleeve. This product (depending on diameter) can be manufactured with two thirds and even one third the amount of threads to decrease the weight substantially.
Learn more about Flex-Shield here. 


Z-Foil Lightweight Shielding Options_Z-Foil

Our Z-Foil is another great lightweight, high-performing EMI shield made from aluminum foil. This is a wraparound solution with an adhesive closure and performs best in minimum flexing, low movement applications.
Learn more about Z-Foil here.


3250 Shielding Sleeve Lightweight Shielding Options-3250 Shielding Sleeve

Our high performance 3250 shielding cloth can be manufactured into many different shielding solutions utilizing different jacketing materials and closures, but a simple 3250 sleeve that is sewn together reduces the most amount of weight. This sewn option is extremely flexible and requires a pull through installation.
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Sn/Cu MeshLightweight Shielding Options

Our Sn/Cu Mesh is another common lightweight option that is commonly used to helically wrap the desired cable like a tape, but it can also be utilized as a pull through sleeve to reduce the amount of needed material. 
Learn more about Sn/Cu Mesh here.



All of these options are great for reducing weight while still providing shielding to your application. It is important to understand the environment and weight requirements of your application in order to make the best decision for lightweight solutions. Zippertubing has a staff of engineers that are able to discuss your application in detail and determine the best fit for you.


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McKenna Roth - Design Engineer

Written by McKenna Roth - Design Engineer