Custom Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Sleeve


A company that manufactures fiber optic cables and cable reels was getting bad feedback and complaints from their customers and end users.  Their customers were unsatisfied with the installation process and the quality of installation support hardware.  The spools of cables were supplied with a pulling sleeve, but it was getting snagged, falling apart, and causing their end users delays and reworks when installing the company’s fiber optic cabling. 



This company was looking for a more robust and durable pulling sleeve that would satisfy their customers’ complaints.  The cable pulling tool needed to be easy to use with minimal instruction or training required.  The pulling grip also needed to be strong enough to handle being pulled through long lengths of conduit and around multiple bends that their customers often see in lengthy fiber optic runs. 



Custom Quick Feed

Zippertubing designed a custom pulling grip called Quick-Feed to meet the customer’s requirements.  The zippered sleeve was designed using rugged polypropylene webbing that combines excellent strength with a tight weave that would resist getting snagged during use.  The zipper closure and integrated zip-tie cinch loop provided a fast, consistent, attachment that would protect the delicate fiber optic cables and concentrate the pulling force at the base of the assembly. 


Quick-Feed® - Zipper-Closed Cable Pulling Sleeve 


Zippertubing ultimately provided three different, color-coded, sizes of pulling grip to be supplied and used with varying sizes of cable assemblies.  This customer and their end users reported higher levels of satisfaction with the upgraded pulling grips.  Moreover, rather than discarding the used pulling grips after installation, the contractors were known to retain these higher-quality pulling sleeves to use on other projects. 

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Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer

Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer