How to Seal Zippertubing Extruded Tracks

How to Seal Zippertubing Extruded Tracks We offer advice as to how to seal the Zippertubing Zip-On and Zip-Shield products.

These instructions will work with all* Zippertubing® Extruded Tracks All Zippertubing® products that utilize extruded closure tracks (*except type FEP) can be permanently sealed after closure using the following method. Under normal circumstances a properly closed Zippertubing® track does not require post closure sealing. However, in some applications where an environmental or tamper proof seal is desired or extreme abuse is anticipated, the post sealing process can insure that the track does not re-open inadvertently.

Cover Track Closure with ZT-Tape


This method involves placing a 1-inch wide strip of Zippertubing’s ZT-Tape down the center of the inter-locking track split line after the track has been closed. The ZT-Tape is a UL-510 recognized, fire retardant, Polyurethane film tape with an Acrylic adhesive backing. The adhesive is compatible with both PVC and PFR track materials and is easily applied. The tape sealing method provides additional closure strength, improves environmental tightness and is an environmentally friendly process.

CAUTION: The ZT-Tape is highly elastic and must be applied to the track in a relaxed condition. Stretching the tape during installation can result in disbonding of the film from the adhesive if the assembly is stored or shipped in a coiled or tightly bent condition.