Mil-Spec Electrical Insulation Tape for Department of Defense Wiring Harnesses


A large department of defense contractor needed mil-spec insulating tape to build wire harness sub-assemblies that will go to their military end customer.  Their previous vendor for the high performance electrical tape had stopped producing the material and their inventory was running out.  Without this component they risked production delays on this key harness, which would in turn delay their contract shipments.



Although it is a small portion of the wire harness assembly, this electrical tape had to meet the strict requirements of military specification, MIL-I-631D, for flexible (nonrigid) electrical insulation with a synthetic-resin composition.  The specific need was for Type F (polyvinyl chloride / PVC), Form T (Tape), Subform Ts (Sheet Tape), Grade A (Generical Purpose), Class I (fungus resistant).  This customer was also looking for a specific format of this PVC film tape, supplied in 0.010” thickness in 1.0” wide rolls for their use. 



Type 63-10 high performance flexible PVC film. 

Zippertubing has been supplying wrap-around cable jacketing solutions that utilize type 63 flexible PVC film for decades in Zip-On (63) products.  This high performance polyvinyl chloride film was designed to meet or exceed all the requirements of Mil-I-631D when it was first introduced.  Still today, the military and its subcontractors turn to this proven jacketing solution for durable cable protection that meets this specification.

Zippertubing engineers were able to convert existing stock of 0.010” 63-10 jacketing material into the 1.0” wide tape rolls that the customer required for their harnesses. 


Mil-Spec Electrical Insulation Tape 


By utilizing type 63-10 film that meets the requirements of MIL-I-631D, this customer did not need to change their drawings or attempt to get material deviations or waivers that can take months to approve.  Additionally, with the material in stock, Zippertubing was able to quickly turn around their order within a week to support their production schedule and avoid a material shortage. 

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Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer

Written by Matt Hesselbacher - Principal Engineer