Insuflect® Heat Barrier

Insuflect® (650) Heat Shielding


Extreme heat (650°C) is required during the re-burning of particulates in the After Treatment Device (ATD) as required by the recent EPA standards for cleaner vehicle emissions. Additionally, the heat must be maintained at these elevated temperatures during the entire process. Only a 15°C loss during, re-burning process is acceptable.


An extreme-temperature, multi-layered composite product was developed that could be wrapped around new and existing 4-6 inch diameter pipe sizes and accommodate the shape changes and bracket hardware common in exhaust piping systems. Complex multiple-piece, multiple-shape patterns were developed to create a closed, three-dimensional part that fit the exhaust piping snugly.


The ability of Zippertubing® to make custom shapes and sizes out of many different materials allowed this truck manufacturer to meet the strict EPA standards.