Sealed Yacht Splice

Sealed Yacht Splice Using PRT Wrap Around Heat Shrink 

A custom yacht manufacture was experiencing corrosion of large-diameter grounding cable splices. The salt-laden environment was corroding the crimped copper splice device and exposed cable conductors throughout the yacht. The solution needed to provide an environmentally-sealed cover and accommodate new cable production as well as be usable as a field retrofit in the confines of cramped below deck compartments.

A standard Zippertubing® product was modified slightly to create a wrap-around, heat shrinkable, environmentally-sealed splice cover that could accommodate 2:1 and 2:2 splice breakouts on 0 thru 6 AWG Wire.

Zippertubing® combined patented PRT® Tubing, wrap-around, heat-shrinkable tubing with standard Z-Block®, a hot-melt, water-blocking tape and a simple installation process procedure modification to create a revolutionary wrap-around splice cover.

PRT: Military-Grade Wrap-Around Heat Shrink

Z-Block Hot-Melt Adhesive Tape

The willingness of Zippertubing® to think “outside the box” and adapt its products as necessary to meet the design requirements allowed the customer to find an economical solution to a very unique problem that could not be solved with existing marketplace materials.