Zipper (Tu-Way, Middle Opening)

Plastic Toothed Middle Opening Zipper

Material Specification: 5210

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  • Mechanical, seperating plastic zipper
  • Molded Tooth design

Tu-Way toothed zippers that open in the middle consist of individual molded Delrin® interlocking teeth attached to a separating Polyester fabric tape which has a fixed start and stop point. This Tu-Way zipper is closed via dual (two) self-locking sliders which face nose to nose allowing the two sliders to move together or independently to create an opening anywhere along the zipper run. This type of zipper configuration makes accessing a cable interconnect, a subcomponent or a cable breakout installed anywhere along cable run without having to remove the entire jacket. Note: This type of zippers will leave a small "fisheye" opening in the zipper run where the two sliders meet. Tu-Way toothed zippers are available as a medium or heavyweight, highly flexible, closure system for cables where a tool-free installation is desired and the open/closure cycle frequency is likely to be high. Toothed Tu-Way zippers perform best in round cable applications where the cable bundle diameters exceeds 1.0 inch and larger and on flat ribbon cables over 2.0" wide. Toothed Tu-Way zippers can be used in very large size applications by increasing the tooth size. Ideally all zippers should be used in applications that are free of dirt and debris which could cause jamming, however toothed zippers are easily cleaned with a small brush if contaminated. Toothed Tu-Way zippers cannot be cut to length on site at the time of installation so assembly length must be known at the time of order. Zippers items are typically commercial items and meet the manufactures performance specification; however they can be procured in compliance to A-A-55634.


  • Break Strength: 30-50 lbs. l/in (varies with size)
  • Stops: Plastic (metal when applicable)
  • Tooth: Molded Derlin® Plastic tooth
  • Slider: Dual (head to head), Locking, Plastic (metal when applicable)
  • Tape: 5 or 10 mm
  • Material: Separating,Fixed length (w/ double Pin & Box)
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