Heat Reflective Products

High Temp Heat Reflective Jacketing Now Available

High Temp Heat Reflective Jacketing

Chandler, AZ - The Zippertubing® Co. is proud to announce the addition of several new Heat Reflective products to it’s product line. Heat reflective products are designed to provide moderate to severe temperature heat barrier protection where maximum continuous temperatures reach up to 1200° F. The Zippertubing Co. offers a complete line of Heat reflective products for the Automotive, Truck, Bus and Aerospace markets. These products combine the proven technologies of Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Polymer impregnated fiberglass jacketing with a pressure sensitive adhesive closure system, stainless steel snaps, high temperature hook and loop or a Teflon inter-lock closure system to provide outstanding thermal protection.

These heat barrier products are ideal for wire and cable protection where high temperatures and low profile tolerances are required, including aerospace and automotive applications. Heat reflective products are available in sizes from 3/8” and up diameters, for both flat and round cable bundles and can be made into custom shapes and sizes as the customer chooses.

For more information, contact The Zippertubing Co. at 7150 W. Erie St., Chandler, AZ, 85226. Phone (480) 285-3990, Fax (480) 285-3997, online at zippertubing.myshopify.com, or contact you local Zippertubing Distributor.