Track Closure vs Bend Location for all Zippertubing tracks

Track Closure vs Bend Location for all Zippertubing tracks We show you the proper way to install Zip-On and Zip-Shield products so that they provide the bundling and protection that you need.

Installation Notes:

  1. Always size the Zippertubing jacket at least 1/8 inch larger than the maximum cable diameter. If severe cable bending is anticipated, increasing jacket diameter beyond the 1/8 inch requirement is advisable.
  2. Always install Zippertubing jackets so that the track faces the outside of the bend radius. Failure to position the jacket in this manner may result in the track “popping open” due to track distortion
  3. If the design does not call for re-opening the jacket periodically, it may be desirable to seal the track closed using ZT-TAPE. You can view installation instructions for sealing extruded tracks here.  
  4. The most common causes of tracks “popping open” are:
    1. Improperly closed track
    2. Incorrectly sized jacket, less than 1/8 inch oversize
    3. Track located other than on the outside of the bend radius