New: PVL-15 NFPA-701 Fire Retardant PVC Fabric

 PVL-15 is a new material being added to Zippertubing’s repertoire. This material is a PVC coated Polyester fabric similar to our PVL-10 material but .015” thick rather than .010” thick and it is rated to the NFPA-701 rating for fire retardant. NFPA-701 is a fire test standard created by the national Fire Protection Association for textiles and films and it evaluates a sample of material when ignited and measures its flame, char length and any residue created.

This material can be paired with any of Zippertubing’s closures such as: adhesive, Pressure track, or hook & loop. It is currently available in red, but can also be made available in a variety of other colors such as black, blue and yellow. If you have an application that requires fire retardant material, please feel free to reach out to us, and we would be happy to assist.

Zip-On (PVL-15)


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Written by Henry Shrock - Design Engineer