Cleanroom Cable Management


In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, equipment is typically installed in a cleanroom environment. For proper cable and tubing bundling management for these large capital equipment in a cleanroom, many factors should be considered:

  • Minimal to zero material outgassing
  • Easy to clean with cleanroom wipes and IPA (isopropyl alcohol)
  • Ease of installation
  • Variable lengths
  • Serviceability (re-enterable)

More recently, as market needs are pushing fab operations further, many are extending facilities past their initial designed lifetime. This extended life expands requirements and adds the need for greater chemical resistance and durability for their bundling solution.

Extended Lifetime needs:

  • Durability
  • Longevity with Chemical Stability
  • Greater Chemical Resistance (prolonged exposures)


More robust materials are needed for the longer operation lifetime of fabs today, they must be more resistant to chemicals and have increased abrasion resistance over the life of the equipment.

Polyurethane based solutions offer more robust chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical stability over the extended life of the fab. We use track systems made from polyurethane, our track systems enable operators the flexibility to bundle at custom lengths, i.e. cut to length. Our outer jacket material is also made from polyurethane to ensure a complete material compatible system.

For large diameter bundles that also require maximum wear protection, we recommend thick polyurethane materials like our EZ-Track (TPU) and heavy duty jacketing material TPU-20.