Hose, Wire & Cable Management

Case Study: Hose, Wire & Cable Management

Product: VNH-23 Cable Jacket

Problem:  Hose, wire, and cable management and protection has always been a big problem at private yacht and boating marinas.

Typically with yachts or larger boats there are bulky wire bundles that reach from the primary source of electricity (usually a voltage/power box) to the vessel.  When laying these cables, wires or hoses across the dock there are several potential issues that may arise.  The primary issue is that these wires, cables or hoses become a trip hazard, thus possibly increasing the liability that marina and/or boat owners may be liable for.

The other issue with these types of wires, cables or hoses is the exposure to the elements, and depending on where your boat is docked the elements can become quite extreme.

To fit the numerous cable combinations, boat and marina owners also wanted to ensure that the product they purchased could be quickly modified right on location.  A simple, easy to install, yet rugged cable cord cover system was needed.

End Goal: The lines and hoses needed to clean up the look of the docks, minimize the trip hazard, and protect the high-voltage wires from the environment, whether it is the oceans saltwater, rain, sun or even snow.

Solution: To properly solve this, a wrap-around jacket of abrasion and weather resistant nylon-reinforced PVC was ordered from the Zippertubing® Company in various sizes and lengths.  The cable management product is extremely flexible, even with lower temperatures, is abrasion resistant and offers a high break strength.  Operating temperature range is -55°C (-67°F) to 75°C (167°F) and passes FAR 25.853, paragraph B requirements for flame retardancy.  The Mil-I-20696C, Type II and Class 2 product solved the organization, abrasion, weather and liability problems.

A standard Zippertubing® cable jacket with an extruded closure made it easy to install and fit to length right on location.  Installation was accomplished using only a pair of scissors and a Z-Track® plier tool.  Combining these hoses and lines into a single common jacket solved all of the application requirements.

Material Used: Zippertubing’s standard VNH-23, Nylon-reinforced and PVC-coated, jacket material was configured with a classic heat-welded and water-resistant Z-Track® closure.  In addition, Zippertubing’s ZT-Tape® was used to seal the “Y” breakout overlap areas.


VNH-23 Jacketing Material


Z-Track Closure

Jacket with Z-Track®

Secure with ZT-Tape


Conclusion: The Zippertubing® solution provided a cost-effective solution that solved all the cable management and environmental issues.  Marina and yacht owners also reduced their liability exposure and benefited from reduced insurance rates.

If you are looking for a simple solution for wire, cable or hose organization & management that will effectively assist you on your marina deck then the right products come from Zippertubing®.

Custom Applications: Have a problem that needs the Zippertubing® experience? Be part of our next case study!  Zippertubing® offers unlimited custom applications for those who are searching for something that will cater their own needs such as protecting their wires from harsh elements, needing alternative color options, reducing the risk of rodents chewing through wires or any other custom application that you or your company may come up with.

VNH-23 Product Specifications:
Flame Retard Fed-Std-191 Method 5903
Material Thickness 0.023" Thickness
Mil-Spec Mil-C-20696, Type II, Class 2
RoHS Compliant
Shelf-Life 36 months
Tensile Strength 225 Warp; 225 Fill
Available Colors Black, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow




Z-Track Product Specifications:
RoHS Compliant
Temperature Range -20 to 105°C
Shelf-Life 36 months




ZT-Tape Product Specifications:
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Dielectric Strength 800 volts/mil
Elongation 725% at break
Flame Retard UL-510
Fluid Resistance 3g/100 sq/in. (24 hrs)
Material Thickness 0.009" +/- 0.005"
RoHS Compliant
Shelf-Life 12 months
Temperature Range -50 to 80°C
Tensile Strength 32.5 lbs/in-width at break