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Zippertubing® has been providing effective EMI shielding solutions to high-tech industries around the world with over 60 years' experience. We have the ability to offer 10 different EMI/RFI Shielding materials, each with frequency specific features that reduce radiated interference by reflection and/or absorption. The Zippertubing® company offers a wide range of EMI/RFI solutions that can be fully customized to suite your specific application needs.

Cloth Shielding

Zippertubing® provides high performance EMI shielding cloths for use in aerospace applications as well as many other areas where high strength, high flexibility, low weight, and volume are essential. Zippertubing® EMI shielding products can be incorporated with almost all jacketing products to provide a thin, lightweight and very flexible shield.
Z-5080-CN with Drawing Number: 3206
Flame Retardant EMI Shielding Cloth, Ni/Cu/Modacryl
Z-7200-C with Drawing Number: 3211
Non-Magnetic, Halogen-Free and Hypoallergenic Conductive EMI Shield Cloth
Z-3250-CN with Drawing Number: 3202
High Performance EMI Shielding Cloth, Ni/Cu/Polyester
Z-5080-CN is a Nickel over Copper plated chopped Modacryl fiber EMI shielding cloth approximately .009 inch thick. The material has a proprietary fire retardant treatment making it ideal for applications where flame retardency is an issue. The surface resistance is less than 0.1 ohms/square, it prov... View More

1 available combinations

Z-7200-C EMI Shielding fabric is a .005 inch thick woven Copper plated Nylon rip stop material with a proprietary Silver colored, non-magnetic corrosion resistant top coating. This product is fray resistant and contains no Nickel. Z-7200-C is Halogen Free and Hypoallergenic. The product is ideal for... View More

1 available combinations

Z-3250-CN EMI shielding fabric is a .004-inch-thick, woven Nickel over copper-plated polyester taffeta cloth that provides outstanding EMI shielding performance. The thin-woven polyester construction makes Z-3250-CN extremely flexible, yet very strong, and provides excellent corrosion resistance and... View More

1 available combinations

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