Our customization capabilities extend to white labeling your Zippertubing® product with your company’s logo, part number, or tag for easy identification and installation.

Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

Our capabilities do not end at the mechanics of a solution; we will customize your Zippertubing® product with our range of white labeling methods. Our pad stamping machine utilizes a fast drying, durable ink that will transfer cleanly onto most materials. Our hot foil stamping adds long-lasting labels and graphics to most materials, including heat shrink. The hot foil stamps are available in different colors and metallic sheens. Our stamping capabilities also include custom print cliché logos to ensure your brand stays consistent. In addition to branding, our pad stamping can serve as clear identification of parts, easier reordering and tracking, as well as installation aids.

If you are looking for an added fabric tag or label, we also customize different sizes that can be attached almost anywhere on your solution. With a variety of materials, thread types and colors, you can carry your company branding through to your Zippertubing® solutions. Whether a company logo tagged onto your Quick-Feed® cable management solution or a label stitched to your Channel-Wrap® robotic wire bundling solution, your custom tag or label can be showcased on your Zippertubing® product.

white labeling your Zippertubing product with your company’s logo

Are you in need of unbranded Zippertubing® solutions? We can also manufacture our packaging and spooling to be unlabeled for easy reselling, saving additional time and work in your production department.

Zippertubing® products enhanced with your graphic, tag, or logo.

We have always customized and engineered our products for the application or environment needs. With white labeling, adding your custom logo, graphic, label, or part number can assist in easy identification and consistent branding.

Products you can pad stamp and label include:

  • Z-Coil™
  • PRT®
  • Channel-Wrap®
  • Quick-Feed®
  • Zip-Wrap®
  • Insuflect®
  • Swift-Zip™
  • Z-Wrap®
  • And much more
white labeling your Zippertubing product with your company’s logo