Our stocked and custom materials allows for any unique or specialty product request to be completed all in-house.

Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

Due to the wide supply of materials, Zippertubing® can manufacture solutions for a variety of industries. With our materials stocked and ready for production, we can manufacture a complete custom solution in house. From high-temperature fabric to EMI shielding mesh, we have the ability to engineer a product that fits perfectly into your applications needs and conditions.

Our range of materials meet a range of weight, thickness, and composition requirements; Zippertubing’s stocked and custom materials include foil, mesh, and EMI cloth shielding, extruded films, coated fabrics, heat shielding and thermal control fabrics, and a variety of closures. Based on your needs, the jacketing materials are paired with a closure that best suits your application demands.


Our Engineering team will work with you to choose the perfect material and closure combination.

Your custom requirement is Zippertubing’s specialty and we have the resources to fulfill any request.

With our supply of stocked and custom materials, we can continue to solve unique component challenges for any application or industry need.

Many of our material qualifications include:

  • RoHS certification
  • Military specification requirements
  • National Stock Numbers (NSNs)
  • UL Recognition
  • REACH compliance