We can cut a variety of materials to any size and shape for your unique application utilizing our laser CNC cutting system.

Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

We offer a range of materials to meet specific industry and environment needs. Our laser CNC cutting system gives us the ability to cut through these materials to create a custom solution, no matter the size or shape of the application. The clean cut of the laser CNC machine seals edges of materials that are prone to becoming worn and unravel.

Our laser CNC cutting system can mass-produce products in a quick, efficient way. We can cut designs out of plastics, foams, textiles, adhesive foils, wood, acrylic, and many other materials. The laser CNC machine completes our manufacturing facility with having the ability to customize a solution for any size, length, or shape.


The cutting-edge technology of the laser CNC cutting system sets Zippertubing® apart from other manufacturers because we have full capability and manipulation over material sizing and shape to create a unique product for your specific component challenge.

Zippertubing® is a “cut” above the rest.

Whether you are in need of a cone-shaped heat-shielding cover, or a completely custom-fitted cable bundling sleeve, we have the capabilities to cut out your perfect solution with a material to match your requirements.

We have a variety of options for creating your solution:

  • Cutting intricate, detailed designs
  • Low to high production runs
  • Precision cutting
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Quick turnaround with having in-house capabilities