Extruding films and tracks in-house gives Zippertubing® the capability to shape and manufacture from raw materials to a finished solution.

Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

Zippertubing® is equipped with high-tech machinery that can extrude films and tracks to create a complete, custom solution. From resin pellet thermoplastic material, we extrude films or tracks that will create a continuous product for any application or industry needs.

With such a broad range of extruded films that are stocked on our shelves and can be created, we will meet your specific needs. Whether your requirements demand a specialty surface, material, or classification, Zippertubing® has no restrictions on what we can manufacture.


Zippertubing® can extrude PVC, polyurethane, and other thermoplastic film material with using our highly sophisticated extruder to produce flexible materials formed by inline dyes.

Our wide selection of extruded films and tracks will exceed your application standards.

Many of our extruded materials are RoHS compliant and/or MIL-SPEC. The films and tracks can be configured for round, flat, or rectangular cables, and can be combined with different materials to create a complete EMI shielding or cable bundling solution.

Extruded Films and Tracks we manufacture include:

  • Flexible, lightweight PVC track
  • Flexible, medium-weight PVC track
  • Abrasion-resistant polyurethane track
  • High-performance, fluorinated, synthetic rubber track
  • Flexible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane film
  • Flexible, high-temperature, polyvinylidene fluoride film
  • High-temperature, halogen-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic polyurethane film