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Cable Management

Our wire and cable bundling product lines offer you the opportunity to add additional abrasion protection, chemical resistance, or insulation to your cable bundle. The wraparound products offer an easy install process that does not require disconnection of your cable assembly. Additionally, Zippertubing's products provide a closed system, which insures no dirt, debris, or other foreign objects will penetrate the cable bundle and damage the individual wires or cables within your harness.

Standard Jacketing and Tapes

Economical wrap-around jacketing for a wide range of applications

At Zippertubing® we offer a comprehensive range of cable management solutions including our wraps & covers which are treated to be resistant to water, mildew, weather, and abrasion. Our Z-Wrap can be configured with high tenacity weaves that are coated with various rubbers, polyurethanes, fiberglass or PVC's for use in a wide range of applications and industrial markets.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Jacket with Track Closure

Extremely Flexible Polyurethane Jacket with Track Closure

Polyvinylchloride Coated Fabric Jacket with Track Closure

A rugged, lightweight flame-retardant, wrap-around cable management system—perfect for tough environments

The best in abrasion protection and closure strength. A lightweight, rugged, flame-retardant, wrap-around cable management system.

Heat Shrink

These products provide insulation, strain relief, and protection for a wide range of electrical wire or cables. Our heat shrink products are patented heat-shrinkable, wraparound solutions for on-site installation and repairs. You have the opportunity to add a wide variety of additional characteristics to a wire bundle, including water blocking, strain relief, EMI/RFI shielding, and chemical and thermal protection.

Heat Shrink Wraps

Side-Entry Heat Shrinkable Repair Wraps

PRT® Wraps are a unique solution to a common problem in the wire and cable interconnect industry. Our products ability to wrap, and then shrink when heated, provides an excellent means for creating a professional looking repair or secondary jacket to in service assemblies. By taking advantage of PRT's wrap around with side entry installation, we eliminate the need of time consuming disassembly and pull-thru installations while adding the option for break-outs where needed.

Our proven PRT® heat shrink wrap with additional hot-melt, water-blocking adhesive (up to 275°F)

EMI Shielding

With over 60 years of solid technical experience, Zippertubing® has the facilities and versatility to design, fabricate, manufacture, and supply a wide variety of EMI/RFI, lightning, EMP, and ESD shielded jackets or enclosures for military and commercial applications. We have a solution that will solve your interference problems quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

EMI Shielding Tapes and Wraps

Cost effective EMI shielding systems that will meet your technical requirements

Zippertubing® offers a broad range of foil EMI shield products that can be combined with most of our jacket products and closures to create an EMI Shielding harness that provides outstanding performance and durability.

EMI Shielding Tape, SnCu Mesh/Copper Foil, Adhesive Backed

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EMI Jacketing and Expandable Sleeving

EMI Jackets and Expandable Sleeves

Zippertubing® EMI shielding mesh materials are designed to yield excellent EMI shielding performance. Knitted into various sizes and configurations, mesh can be added to most Zippertubing® jacket materials to create an easy-to-install Zip-on EMI shielded assembly. Our knitted mesh design creates a highly flexible shield that unlike many tubular braids will not change attenuation performance when articulated.

Protective Jacket w/ Pressure track and SHX4 mesh shielding

Protective Jacket w/ Pressure Track, Aluminum Foil Shielding & 15 AWG Ground Wire

Installation Tools

We offer a suite of tools designed for closing Zippertubing® pressure-track products in production line applications and field installations. These tools are designed to offer a faster and more effective way of interlocking our tracks. The slider tools are used as a specialized per project solution, where the pliers can be used for many applications without performance impact. Make sure to get the matching tool for your track installation.

Pressure Track Sliders

Installation Slider tools designed for closing Zippertubing® D-Track, R-Track and Z-Track products.

Offered in stainless steel, plastic, and metal rings, slider tools are designed for fast and easy closing of Zippertubing® products and intended for use in low volume production line applications or field installations.

Fast & Efficient Closing of all R-Track Products

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Pressure Track Pliers

Installation plier tools designed for closing Zippertubing® D-Track-LT or Z-Track products.

Zippertubing® pressure track installation pliers are long cable runs and use in high volume production line installations where operator fatigue become a consideration. Our pliers are made from high grade stainless steel built for durability ease of use.

Fast & Efficient Closing of all Z-Track Products

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