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Z flex® (VNH)

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Heavy Duty Abrasion-Resistant Flat Cable Jacket, 23 Mil

Z flex® (VNH) is an economical, heavy duty, pull-thru jacketing system for flat cables made from Zippertubing's type VNH-23. This configuration is ideal for inter-connection applications where mechanical protection is required and a sealed, flat, tubular jacket is desirable. Z flex® is supplied in reel form and is easily cut to any length required.

A special "blue-line" nylon cloth leader inside the jacket is provided for fast, easy pull-through of the cable. Z flex® (VNH) is available in many standard sizes to fit the most popular flat cable sizes ranging from 20 to 64 conductors. Custom sizes and colors are also available.

Refer to Zippertubing's VNH-23 data sheet below for specific material characteristics.

Product Specifications

Shelf Life
36 months
Minimum Operating Temperature
-67 ° F (-55 ° C )
Maximum Operating Temperature
167 ° F (75 ° C )

Available Attributes
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Shape of Installation
Inside Diameter
1.625" 2.0" 2.75" 3.5"
Exterior Material
Material Color
Black Green Orange Red White Yellow

Material Specifications


Flame Retardant
Fed-Std-191 Method 5903
Temperature Range
-55° to 75°C (-67° to 167°F)
36 months
Abrasion Resistance
Tensile Strength
225 Warp; 225 Fill
Mil-C-20696, Type II, Class 2
Material Thickness

Heat Sealed

Specifications subject to change without notice. All statements and technical information contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed under all circumstances. Before using Zippertubing® products, the user shall determine suitabilituriy for the intended use, and user assumes all responsibility for improper selection. Published attenuation values of Zippertubing® shielding have been verified by laboratory testing of the respective shielding materials. Actual installed attenuation values may differ due to installation techniques and final assembly operation parameters which are beyond the control of Zippertubing®. Actual attenuation values can only be determined by the end user testing the completed assembly. U.S. and International Patents and patents pending. © 2019 The Zippertubing® Company, Chandler, Arizona.