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Cable Management

Our wire and cable bundling product lines offer you the opportunity to add additional abrasion protection, chemical resistance, or insulation to your cable bundle. The wraparound products offer an easy install process that does not require disconnection of your cable assembly. Additionally, Zippertubing's products provide a closed system, which insures no dirt, debris, or other foreign objects will penetrate the cable bundle and damage the individual wires or cables within your harness.

Pull-Through Sleeving

Ideal for general cable management applications in office or industrial locations.

Zippertubing's Snap jackets or sleeves are ideal for general cable management applications in office or industrial locations where multiple wires or cables penetrate cabinets, equipment housings or internal wiring of appliances.

Extremely Flexible, Polyurethane Flat Cable Jacket, 18 Mil

Lightweight Abrasion-Resistant Flat Cable Jacket, 10 Mil

Lightweight Heat-Sealed PVC Coated Polyester Jacket, 10 Mil

Heavy-duty, sealed, pull-through, white, halogen-free, flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane cable management with a nylon leader.

Flexible, Premium Grade PVC Flat Cable Jacket, 20 Mil

Heavy Duty Abrasion-Resistant Flat Cable Jacket, 23 Mil

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