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Flex-Shield (HP)

Tin/Copper EMI-Shielded Expandable Sleeving, Aramid Core

Flex-Shield is a high-performance, EMI shielding, expandable braid that is lightweight, flexible and is available with or without a ground. The fiber cores are made of high-temperature meta Aramid Fiber (Nomex) and are individually wrapped with a Tinned-Copper Foil. The fibers are braided together at a low braid angle to create a tubular product that can expand and contract to a limited degree for a perfect cable fit.

These foil-wrapped fibers create a sleeve that provides good EMI protection and yields a material with outstanding flex-life. This product is intended for high-flex, high-temperature, and environmentally tough applications.

Flex-Shield is currently in use on several aerospace applications where light weight and high performance are needed. The material meets UL1441, VW-1 (1/8 thru 3/4" sizes only) for flammability and has an operational temperature range of -40° to 150°C (-40° to 302°F).

Product Specifications

Closure Pull-Thru Braid
Dielectric (volts/mil) Conductive, .05 ohms/ft
Expandability 2 to 3 Times Original Size
Flame Retardant UL1441, VW-1 (1/8 thru 3/4" sizes only)
Material Type Tin/Copper Foil-Wrapped Aramid Fibers
RoHS Compliant
Shelf Life 36 months
Material Thickness 0.025"
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 ° F (-40 ° C )
Maximum Operating Temperature 302 ° F (150 ° C )

Available Attributes
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Shape of Installation Round
Cable Diameter 0.125" 0.375" 0.50" 0.75" 1.0" 1.25" 1.50"
Unit Length 328 ft. Roll
Shielding Shielded Expandable Braid Shielded Expandable Braid w/ Ground
Flex Shield Shielding Effectiveness

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