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Closure Options

Zippertubing® offers a comprehensive range of simple, operable closures used for assembly and re-entry to the wire harness for future repair or modification. Our vast array of closure mechanisms are designed to be cost effective and compatible with most of our Zippertubing® jacket products for a wide range of applications and industrial markets.

Permanent Closures

Sleeving closures are mechanically sewn tubing used to pull over a cable bundle. This closure is most commonly used with round and flat cable configurations and short assembly run length applications.
Sewn (Stainless Steel Reinforced Kevlar Thread) with Drawing Number: 1405
High-Temperature Kevlar Thread – Up To 1,650° F
Heat Sealed with Drawing Number:
Seamless Heat Seal
Sewn (Nomex Thread) with Drawing Number: 1407
High Temperature Nomex Thread
This polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-coated Kevlar thread is one of the strongest threads on the market today. The Kevlar thread houses a stainless steel wire core that can be sewn to many of Zippertubing's jackets, including its high-temperature heat-reflective materials. This thread is intende... View More

1 available combinations

This material is a bonded, twisted Nylon sewing thread for general purpose sewing applications. Material uses a colorless bonding agent to create a strong single filament of thread for machine sewing. Nylon has high strength, excellent resistance to chemicals, bacteria, mildew and abrasion making it... View More

5 available combinations

Heat-Sealed closures are created when a material is formed into a tube shape and the seam area is heat welded together to form a closed, seamless tubing. The technique allows tubing to be created that can far exceed the typical performance characteristics of conventional round extruded tubings. This... View More

1 available combinations

A spun Meta-Aramid sewing thread manufactured from Nomex® staple fibers. For sewing thermal barrier materials with excellent long term heat exposure, good seam strength and good chemical resistance. The thread shall have performance similar to the requirements specified in the Industry Specifica... View More

1 available combinations

Soft multi-ply Kevlar sewing thread for machine sewing. Kevlar exhibits outstanding mechanical strength and excellent heat resistance. It also is resistance to bacteria, mildew, abrasion and aging. It has good resistance to most organic solvents. The thread meets the requirements of A-A-55195, Type ... View More

2 available combinations

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