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Industrial Sewing/Assembly

Combine virtually any material with the industrial strength of our sewing techniques.

The possibilities are endless. Industrial applications call for industrial-strength products. From space shuttle applications to everyday appliances, reliability is essential. We ensure your installed products are dependable and function as designed. Along with our vast array of capabilities to create custom applications for any industry, we are able to manufacture complete solutions that can withstand any conditions and meet any requirements.

The Zippertubing® Company offers a wide variety of materials that can be sewn together with our single- and double-needle CNC sewing machines. We offer a diverse selection of colors and threads that are compatible with virtually any environment, from basic threads to high-strength, high-temperature (Kevlar) thread, to create innovative custom solutions that’ll be sure to solve the problem at hand. Our highly skilled assemblers can manufacture reliable, top-quality custom products to meet your demands.

Zippertubing® is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, so our customers are assured the highest quality & shipping standards are always met.

Speak to an Engineer Today!

We have highly experienced and friendly engineers on site ready to assist you in all your projects.

Sewing enables us to combine a wide range of raw materials to complete your product. We also have the capability to attach additional products, such as drain wires, zippers, hook and loop closures, and many more.

With an extensive variety of thread types, colors, and attributes, we are able to sew just about anything.

Sewing allows us to create an all-inclusive solution that’ll provide industrial strength bonds.

Zippertubing® threads and materials can be combined to create total custom solutions. From halogen-free to stainless steel flame-retardant threads, our industrial machines can manufacture applications that will effectively withstand any environment or condition.

We offer a variety of sewing and assembly options:

  • Single-Needle and Double-Needle Sewing Machines
  • CNC Sewing Machine
  • Polyester Thread
  • Nylon Thread
  • Stainless Steel Kevlar Thread
  • Textile Steel Thread
  • Nomex Thread

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