Hook-It® (RP) - Rodent Repellent Wire & Cable Cover

Rodents have plagued humans for millennia. In the modern world their presence negatively impacts on our electronic interconnect infrastructure because rodents love to chew on electrical wire insulations.

How To Stop Rats From Chewing Wires | Hook-It® (RP)

Repel Rodents with Hook-It (RP) Wire & Cable Cover

Rats gnawing through your wires? Mice chewing your cables? Gophers destroying your wire harnesses? These ravenous rodents must be stopped. We have the solution.

While sustainable electrical products, such as soy-based wiring insulation, are environmentally beneficial, they come with potential consequences. A troubling issue related to such products is that rodents are attracted to these biodegradable materials. In fact, wiring insulations made from soy-based polymers (rather than traditional petroleum-based polymers) have become a viable new food source for them. There have been numerous reports of rodents eating wiring in automobiles – the lawsuit in 2016 against Toyota is a prime example. The automaker’s adoption of soy-based insulation was an attempt to be eco-friendlier, but this material was said to have attracted rodents due to the food source it provided. As more automotive brands select ‘greener’ production methods, the use of plant-based products will continue to ‘feed’ the issue of rodents chewing wires.

In years past, rodents gnawed through these wires to create nests under car hoods. While this is mostly a nuisance, think of the same potential damage inside a home or place of business. A catastrophic fire could occur due to rodent damaged wiring insulation. Currently, the auto industry is the leader in using these types of products, but it is only a matter of time before the construction industry follows suit.

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Now, with Hook-It® (RP), no longer do you have to worry about repairing damage caused by rodents. Hook-It® (RP) is the quick and easy rodent repellent solution that can be wrapped around all your wires for complete 360° protection to prevent rats and other pests from chewing through wires.

Stop rats, mice, squirrels, and rodents from chewing wires with Hook-It® (RP)

Hook-It® (RP) is a simple and effective rodent repellent wire and cable protection solution. Unlike spray repellent that can leave unpleasant odors and excess solution around the applied area, Hook-It® (RP) repels 360° just around the wires or cables. Hook-It® (RP) can be easily installed or adjusted around existing wiring, unlike tape repellents that cannot be easily removed once applied, or leave a lasting residue if removed. With our hook-and-loop closure system, disconnecting wiring is not needed. Simply cut to your desired length and wrap the product around your harness. The material features a polyester (PET) fabric coated with capsaicinD (pepper spray)-infused PVC. This coating is highly repulsive to mice, rats, gophers, squirrels, muskrats and other rodents, protecting your wires, cables or harnesses from potential damage. Hook-It® (RP) is also flame retardant, flexible, RoHS compliant and can be cut with standard scissors or a hot knife. Diameters range from 0.5” to 4”, with operational temperature range of 5°F to 140°F (-15°C to 60°C).

Our studies have proven that…

Hook-It® (RP) keeps the rodents away from whatever is inside. Even food has been tested inside of the material. Rats, mice and other rodents will simply not chew on Hook-It® (RP). Designed for years of effective repellency, it can be expected that 80% of repellent effectiveness will remain after three years of outdoor use, under normal conditions. Hook-It® (RP) is ideal for manufacturing facilities, vehicle engine bays*, and much more. Please note that these are typical results and every situation is different. While Hook-It® (RP) offer many possible applications, direct burial is not recommended as capsaicin may leach from the material more quickly.

Since Hook-It® (RP) contains capsaicin, always wear gloves, eye protection and long-sleeved clothing when handling to avoid skin and eye irritation. If handled without, wash hands with soap and water.

*If installing in your automobile, specifically the engine bay, ensure Hook-It® (RP) does not contact headers, valve covers or other engine parts that may melt the product. We recommend taking note of engine pulleys, such as the alternator, and keeping Hook-It® (RP) away from any area where it could be ripped off.